The Nutribullet has Arrived!


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The latest greatest most amazing technology in blenders has finally arrived. The Nutribullet is blender/ juicer hybrid. It liquifies vegetables, fruits and nuts whole. It is as powerful as a Vitamix with 600 watt motor giving 10,000 rpms, but much smaller, with a fraction of the cost, about $100. It's easy to clean, just rinse off in seconds and you are good to go!

The fact that the Nutribullet is such an easy clean up, 1/5th the price of the Vitamix, and breaks done it contents whole leaving no pulp, makes the Nutribullet the best blender on the market in my opinion. With a Vitamix cost over $400 and having a cumbersome clean up time, I'll never buy one of those again.

The only thing I can say critically about the Nutribullet is it has makes a very smooth blend. If you are looking for a thicker consistency, this isn't it. Otherwise, it's a blessing!

I'm all about nutritional absorption. It's not what you eat, it's what you absorb or assimilate that makes a difference in your health. Your body absorbs food more effectively when the cell walls of the food is broken down. That's what the Nutibullet does better than anything I've ever seen. And for 100 bucks, I was shocked to get it at that price. Now I get my nutrition in on the go. Quick, Easy and highly efficient. Try it for yourself.

Buy the Nutribullet here and save 17%!

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