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Hey, if we are gonna hunt down the best blender, let's get the best smoothie, best drink blenders ever for longevity and health. That's how I feel. So in order to have the best smoothie drinks ever let's get the best ingredients for vibrant longevity health activation in our bodies.

David Wolfe presents an amazing blended smoothie recipe using the best blender ever, or at least to date, the Nutribullet. This smoothie is for delicious taste, enhanced health and focused around Women's libido for a flourishing sex drive. It can be drank by men and women offering powerful benefits to both genders. The recipe utilizes ingredients that you may not find at wholefoods but are without doubt the best substances for your body. It uses many ingredients from Chinese herbalism and Amazonian herbalism which gives this blended smoothie not only an amazingly delicious unique taste, but superior healing properties that you will honestly find in very few other recipes out there.

The following list are some of the core ingredients:

Cacoa Powder (Chocolate) - Aphrodisiac
Passion Flower
Coconut Oil
Maca - Aphrodisiac, Adaptogen
Macuna - Neuro-transmitter
Sistanch - herbal tonic
Magu's Treasure Tonic from Dragon Herbs - (contains Deer Antler, Der Placenta, Pearl, Royal Jelly, White Peony Root, Longan Fruit, Schizandra Berry, Goij Berry, Dang Gui Root, Codonopsis)

To be honest, many of these ingredients are not cheap. However buying them in bulk will allow you to make this amazing tonic superfood smoothie blend many times getting a huge value out of your purchase. Again, we also use the best blender the Nutribullet to do our blending for easy quick clean up.

Also, if you want to buy any of the products mentioned you can click the links to get reduced prices from my affiliates if you like.

Try this amazing blended smoothie made with the best blender and give us an email letting us know what you think.

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